Club Championship races 2016


At the next committee meeting on January 22nd we will be deciding on the 7 (?) races to form part of this year’s club championship. Any views you might have on a change of format and/or choice of races should be passed on to a committee member (Dave A, Neil P, Catherine, Mike, Tom, Sue D, Mark P, Sam, Greg, Bryan M, Dave G, Simon N, Rachel and Guy – I bet you didn’t know who we were!)

2 thoughts on “Club Championship races 2016

  1. being a newbie, just thought I would ask..are the club championship races all relatively short like the cross countrys or do they represent a range of events and distances? That’s my vote, including the Offas Dyke as there are a lot of club members with a history there

  2. We try to include different race types and different distances to appeal to as many runners as possible. The idea is to get as many croft runners as possible to compete to be in with a chance of winning the club championship trophies (male and female and vet male and female) which are given out at the winter social. We try to include races that we know are popular with Croft runners so the Offas Dyke is a good suggestion. You can see which races were club championship ones last year by going to the race calendar page on the site and selecting club championship in the catagory menu.

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