Croft Ambrey Running Club.

Policy for running with dogs at Croft Ambrey running club.

Croft Ambrey Running Club recognises that many people enjoy running with dogs, but it may not always be suitable at Running Club events.

This policy has been set up with the aim to create a safe running environment for runners and their dogs.


Group runs

When social group runs are organised by the club, dogs are welcome to come along at the organisers discretion. Any publicising for the run should include whether it is suitable for dogs so that all runners know when dogs may be in attendance.

While dogs may be welcome, they should be well controlled and not allowed to cause a hazard to other runners. Where possible they should be kept on a short lead.

It is the owner of the dogs responsibility and not Croft Ambrey Running Club to ensure that their dog does not cause a hazard to other runners or members of the public. Dog owners should ensure they have liability insurance to cover any claims which may result in an incident caused by their dog.



Dogs are not allowed on the pitches at the Luctonian Rugby club and should not be brought to training sessions there.

As far as Croft Abrey Running Club is aware, there are no restrictions to dogs on Bircher Common. However, training sessions here are not suitable for dogs to accompany the runners.

If members do bring their dogs then they should be restrained at a suitable distance from the training session during the interval sessions. It is acceptable to bring the dog to the warm up run from the car park to the common and back but the same precautions should be taken as on group runs to ensure the dog does not become a hazard.


Club handicap races.

Dogs should not accompany the runners who are competing in the club handicap races.

Well controlled and preferably restrained dogs are welcome at the start and finish. Spectators are welcome to bring well controlled dogs along the route as this is open to members of the public but are urged to keep them at a safe distance from the runners.